Heidi Ann Crocini

Let us BEGIN with BREATH!

In Uncategorized on June 17, 2012 at 6:38 am

At the beginning of class it is important that everyone present in the room acknowledges each other.  This is a form of respect.  When all beings present in a space together acknowledge each other somehow, even if we don’t know everyone, we allow each person an opportunity to express themselves .  When everyone is expressing themselves openly, the full dynamics of the class can take on life.  We want open hearts in order to experience a powerful class.

I always start my classes sitting in a circle, facing each other.  This is a time of sharing.  Connecting on a human heart level.
Each class takes on a different energy depending on all those present, and the vibe of the evening, morning or afternoon.

Essentially we cover; breath work to bring about calmness and relaxation, simple, yet powerful stretching techniques to open energetic channels in the body.  We do body alignment and posture exercises based on the Alexander Technique and Ideokenisis.  We work with loosening the hips and finally we study basic movement techniques rooted in dance. This is a powerful class that help get you connected with the body, and puts your imagination in motion!

~Heidi Ann Imagination in Motion


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