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moving into TRANCE

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At the very core of all dance is the desire to express an inner “feeling” through movement.  When we remove the temptation of comparing (physical judgment through sight perception), we are able to delve deeper into the soul in order to connect with deep-rooted emotions, callings, information and soul messages that may not be accessible with the distraction of outer vision.
These messages can offer great insights and healing to the wounded and hidden parts of our minds.  When we allow the body to move from a place of pure feeling, we free up stuck energy that may be limiting us, or holding us back from moving forward in certain aspects of our lives.

In TRANCE DANCE we overwhelm the body with breath (spirit) in order to achieve an altered state which allows us to be “moved by spirit”, it quite literally puts us in a state of TRANCE.
From this state of TRANCE we then cover the eyes with a bandanna to block out the visual world which allows us to move deeper into our bodies without the influence of sight perception.

Through the use of specific tribal music, sometimes deep and meditative, sometimes erratic and wild, we begin to move the body in unconventional, and spirit inspired ways.

Often times TRANCE DANCERS experience inner visions which can bring them to great and profound realizations about themselves and the world.  Each person’s experience is unique and different.

Imagination in Motion offers introductory TRANCE DANCE sessions for adults and children where they are given the tools, and an opportunity to explore their own powerful gifts of transformation and growth through TRANCE DANCE.

When there is trauma in life, parts of the soul shut down as a way to protect.  TRANCE DANCE can reconnect a person with those parts of the soul and bring life, joy, healing and happiness once again to the wounded and lost.

Heidi Ann Crocini is a certified dance instructor and energy worker, she has taught sensual dance for empowerment to women for over 5 years.  She is facilitating TRANCE DANCE sessions, combined with modern dance techniques in Sooke and Victoria BC to those curious about moving deeper into the soul through this ancient form of transformation through dance and movement.

Stay tuned for session schedule times and locations.
for more information on TRANCE DANCE, please visit www.trancedance.com

~ Imagination in Motion


Let us BEGIN with BREATH!

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At the beginning of class it is important that everyone present in the room acknowledges each other.  This is a form of respect.  When all beings present in a space together acknowledge each other somehow, even if we don’t know everyone, we allow each person an opportunity to express themselves .  When everyone is expressing themselves openly, the full dynamics of the class can take on life.  We want open hearts in order to experience a powerful class.

I always start my classes sitting in a circle, facing each other.  This is a time of sharing.  Connecting on a human heart level.
Each class takes on a different energy depending on all those present, and the vibe of the evening, morning or afternoon.

Essentially we cover; breath work to bring about calmness and relaxation, simple, yet powerful stretching techniques to open energetic channels in the body.  We do body alignment and posture exercises based on the Alexander Technique and Ideokenisis.  We work with loosening the hips and finally we study basic movement techniques rooted in dance. This is a powerful class that help get you connected with the body, and puts your imagination in motion!

~Heidi Ann Imagination in Motion

Imagination in Motion – Co-ed Movement Class for beginners

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There is a saying “sometimes less is more”.  I feel there is a lot of truth in this.  Many times I have witnessed live performances that are FULL of LOT’s of movement and ACTION.  This is all very pleasing to the eye, but often times leaves me feeling a bit “spun”.  To be honest, I appreciate a performance with a healthy balance of both movement and stillness.  Perhaps it satisfies the natural ebb and flow within my being.  We are constantly moving in waves.  Think of breath.  We breathe in, we breathe out.  We rise, we fall.

This is one of the core elements I teach in this class.  The importance of movement AND stillness, working together to create a natural flow.  When we “feel” with the body, we are able to find this balance.

Think of the cycles in nature.  The wild rushing movement of trees in the wind on a brisk autumn morning, or the calm lake on a still summers day.  Or the sometimes erratic temperament of a child, in full emotional devastation, to the content bliss of just being in quiet play.  And it can switch from one state to the next within the matter of seconds.  When we allow for these natural waves to occur, we give the body permission to feels it’s natural ebb and flow creating a beautiful dance born of your own unique rhythms.

This Saturday June 16th I will be teaching a co-ed dance class at the “Hub” 45A Spruce Street South, Timmins Ontario.  Learn the basic elements of movement and dance.  Get in touch with your body, and put your Imagination in Motion!

~ Heidi Ann
Imagination in Motion